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Picure credit: The False Bay Echo

Management & Operations

A managed environment offers safe, clean and friendly conditions that are essential to attract investment and growth. Many SRA’s have been formed in recent years. They have also been extremely effective at competing with other managed environments such as Suburban Shopping Centers and Office Parks. Urban Management, through a partnership of key stakeholders, shared aspirations, expertise and resources, creates a holistic plan to meet local needs and strengthens Regional interest. The benefits to property owners, business and the public are quickly apparent:

  • Retailer’s benefit from increased footfall and turnover.
  • Shoppers enjoy a pleasant, safe and easily accessible environment with a wide choice of shops and facilities.
  • Visitors are attracted to the area.
  • Property owners experience a rise in rents and property values.
  • Urban decay is halted and communities get a town that is vibrant, viable and meeting their needs.

The major advantage that the continuation of a SRA will have on an area, is that it will introduce a managed environment addressing the specific needs of that area and leading to an upgrade of the whole area.