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Urban Management

Urban monitoring aims to regularize the quality and management of the environment producing management information that contributes to increasing the urban management know-how and capacity in a given area. This is achieved through a system of breakdown and incident identification, recording, reporting. This needs to be done on a daily basis as to ensure upkeep and continues maintenance. This includes our pavements, roads, public open spaces, parking areas and others.

What are the benefits of SRAs?

The effectiveness of the SRA is constantly measurable
Through the utilization of tools such as the urban monitoring system, urban environments are managed and monitored at street level on a regular and on-going basis. Statistical information, reports and graphs are generated and enable the SRA Board and Stakeholders to measure the success tre3nds and developments over a period time.

SRAs monitor any new developments or interventions that impact on the area
As the custodian of the area, the SRA is aware of developments in the area and is in a position to make collective comment to the authorities on land use change in order to guide the decision process.

SRAs form effective working relationships with appropriate bodies or associations
These relationships could include the local authority, tourism associations and community policing forums, to name a few.

The SRA is able to put forward ideas for change to the local authority
Due to its close relationship with the local authority, the SRA is able to petition for new initiatives which will further improve the area, for example, traffic surveys.